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Follow up on my Dec 2015 syringoma treatment & now removing my skin tag

Posted by My Syringoma Story on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Under: Skin Tag
It's been a good 1.5 months since I've treated my syringomas at home with the Wart & Mole Vanish in December 2015 and all the red marks are gone. Of the bunch that I treated, 2 of them got removed and left a bit of scarring but I know they will fade over time, just like my past experiences whenever I remove them. The others that didn't disappear have at least gotten flatter. Looking back, I didn't use the emery board like I did when I removed them more successfully last year.  I only used the toothpick this time and should have used both.

Here is how my face looks 1.5 months after at the December 2015 treatment using the Wart & Mole Vanish. Wart & Mole Vanish can be found on Amazon. This picture was taken with my Samsung Galaxy 6 camera phone.
You can see that my syringomas have flattened from before. Two of them are gone from my last treatment. There are some more noticeable ones on my eyelids though that I still need to work on. They are not bumpy enough right now so I don't want to treat them until they are easier to scratch and remove. I still put vitamin E oil on the ones I just treated to help with the scarring. You might notice that I have a white spot right under my eye in this picture. I took this picture yesterday. I was treating my skin tag that I have very close to my eye with also the Wart & Mole Vanish. Thankfully, it also works with skin tags!  This is the first time I am treating a skin tag. On the other side of a my face is a noticeable scar from my syringoma treatment in 2013. I had a very large syringoma that I waited too long to treat. So it left a big scar. I think this scar looks better than that ridiculously big bumpy syringoma I had there.  I think it is a lot better to treat when they are still little (but not too little where you can't treat it well) so the scarring can be minimized. Learn from my lessons. Don't let it get too big! 

Here is how my skin tag looks like after I removed the cream 20 minutes later. It is already scabbing! See the big brown spot underneath my left eye? The area is swelling as well. 

The swelling got even larger around the area about 20 minutes after that as well. This usually signifies for me that the formula worked. We will find out a couple of weeks later when the scab falls off naturally.

One thing I want to also recommend for treatment for your syingomas and skin tags on your face is a vanity mirror like this one. It is the first time I bought one and it makes applying the treatment so much easier!

I bought mine for $14.99 at Tuesday morning. It's a dual mirror. The other side magnifies 3x but I didn't use it. I used the regular side. It helps not having to hunch over to the bathroom mirror to get a closer look. 

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