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Kasoy Cream for Syringoma Treatment

Posted by My Syringoma Story on Friday, May 8, 2020 Under: Kasoy Cream
I just got my Kasoy Cream in the mail and this is how the contents look like inside in the unboxing video below. I've never used this Kasoy Cream before and I think the packaging is definitely not from a factory. It almost looks homemade which I am really nervous about! I found this product on Etsy for $25. With shipping, it came out to $27 something. Rowinda is the seller's name that you would look for if you're searching for it on Etsy. She seems reputable from the reviews.

Since it is significantly cheaper than my usual Wart & Mole Vanish that I've used for years for my syringoma, I am going to give this a try with caution. It came with 2 tubes: one is the syringoma cream and the other one is an oil which it says you only need it if your cream is too dry and you mix a bit in it to make it into a cream. I'm a bit confused about it but after reading their instructions paper like 5 times, I think I understand now. (See video below for all the contents.)

I was going to wait after Mother's Day to treat it because I still want to look decent for my kids and pictures on Mother's Day. I know my face will most likely scab and look ugly for 2 weeks as it's healing. Then, I started online school in June and I realized I have to leave my video cam on the whole time so the instructor and students have to look at my face live so I am going to wait a while longer.  

Look out for my treatment video after this summer so you can see how much pain I'll be in for this. Oh syringomas, I curse you!

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