Products that I've used on my face to try to get rid of my Syringoma  

How I Treat My Syringomas At Home 

My Suggested Tips If Using Wart & Mole Vanish 

  1. Test out on a couple of syringomas a couple months before you go ahead and do many of them. Some people are prone to develop raised scars called keloids from any type of burning or trauma to the skin or just scar badly. Luckily, I am not one of them so I am able to use this product. However, if you tend to get keloids or scar badly, don't use this product!
  2. Make sure you can do this at a time when there are no distractions because this cream is very strong. You don't want to accidentally drop it in your eye and burn your eyes out. 
  3. If possible, do this when you are not planning on seeing a lot of people for the next 2-3 weeks. The swelling and scabbing makes your face look hideous. That is, if you care what people think. 
  4. Fight it for the full 20 minutes while the cream is on. I have done it before where I couldn't stand the burning and copped out at 15 minutes. The results are not the same. I ended up having to reapply all over again and go through more pain than necessary. 
  5. Have aloe vera and vitamin e oil at home already before you start treatment. Use aloe vera regularly during the scabbing period and then the vitamin e oil after the scabs have naturally fallen off.
  6. Wear sunscreen when you are going outside.
  7. If you are a girl, try to not wear foundation, powder or eye make up during the scabbing or healing period. You will end up having to rough up your scabs when you clean off your make up. That might affect the results. 
  8. Have extra q-tips ready to remove the syringoma cream after 20 minutes of treatment. I usually end up using about 6 or 7. 
  9. Don't wait for the syringomas to get too big. The bigger they are, the bigger craters and scars you could get from using the product. I have one big scar on my face from that big one. It's a flat scar so it's better than having that big syringoma there before. 
  10. Wait 3 months to treat more syringomas. Sometimes you get little raised red marks after the scabs have fallen off and they usually take my face about a month for it to flatten and become skin color. Be patient. 
  11. They say to only use the emery board for warts and moles but I find that my removal of my syringomas are more effective when I use the emery board after I've scratched them with a toothpick or the silver stick. 
  12. Invest in a vanity mirror like that one I have below. It'll sit on your counter and make it easier to apply and remove the treatment when you are doing it yourself. It costed me $14.99 from Tuesday Morning but I think you can find an inexpensive one like this at Ross too. 
Good luck!

The Product that I  Find Most Successful 

Obviously, this is a non-stop personal struggle and I know that I will always have syringomas. They will never stop growing but at least I can keep them under control! This has tremendously helped my self esteem. I started experimenting with different methods to see which ones would help diminish the look of my syringoma. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to make my face look better is to completely remove them by burning them with a cream. It sounds scary but I was willing to take a risk because it was really affecting my mood every time I would look in the mirror. 

Having syringoma really affected how I felt about myself. For a long time I would just ignore what I saw in the mirror and thought to myself that it wasn't a big deal. Until one day, I noticed that they've grown so much over time!  I am now self-conscious about them and have been taken a proactive approach to removing them periodically to help with my own well being. Even make up doesn't seem to cover them well because of their bumpy nature. You could see their shape in certain lighting even clearer! 

At the beginning of my journey in finding the solution to my problem, I started documenting them because there were barely any resources online about them and I wanted to help others out. I was devastated and know that there are other people who are devastated as me. See a couple of my videos below or read about my most recent treatment on my face on the blog section

I have regularly used Wart & Mole Vanish every year since 2013 and that is the one that I find most successful. They do not pay me to say this so this is all in my honest opinion from what I have experimented. It is not perfect every time but the more I use it, the better I am at it and I've learned what techniques work best for my face. If you tend to get raised or bad scars easily, don't use this. Luckily, after a few months, my scarring fades so I was able to use this product. So use at your own risk! Scroll down to see all of my suggested tips at the bottom of this page. 

Video of one of my first experiences with Wart & Mole Vanish

First time using Wart & Mole Vanish in April 2013 in the video below.
You can find the Wart & Mole Vanish from Amazon