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One month update after Wart and Mole Vanish Application June 2019

Posted by My Syringoma Story on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Under: Syringoma Removal
I applied my recent treatment of Wart & Mole Vanish on May 9, 2019. Now, one month later, here are my results from the 3 syringomas that I treated. They are all flatter but not leveled perfectly like the rest of the skin and that's okay to me. A couple now has a reddish brown color to them but I know that will fade after a couple months from my past experience. Just keep putting vitamin E over it and be gentle around that area. I'm going to warn you again: if you tend to develop keloid scars or scar easily and not heal well, don't use this product. I've use this product many times before so I learned what has worked for me. Thank God, I don't get keloids easily. We count our blessings right? Even though He also gave me these syringomas for a reason.
(Picture I took today on June 12, 2019)

So as a reminder, while you're on the scabbing period, use aloe vera and after the scabs have fallen off on their own, use vitamin E oil to help with the healing process. Be patient. Wear sunscreen if it's sunny outside. I continue this regiment even months after the treatment. I even wear a baseball cap sometimes when I'm driving. There may be a crater but after a while, it levels out better (like months later sometimes) for me. You know your skin best. If you think your skin will not do well with this product or other syringoma treatment products, don't do it. Some people tend to develop keloid (raised scars) so that is not good to use this product if you do tend to get those. If you think you can still use this product, start with 1 small one first and see how that heals 3 months later before applying it on more. 

I have to say, I tend to forget posting my results but you know I keep using this product over and over again so it does work. It's just that new ones always pop up and that is what syringomas do. They will never go away or stop growing. We just have to put the solution in our hands and handle them, or have a professional do it if you can afford it. I can't afford the luxury of going to a professional to get treatments or facials done so I've just had to learn to do it myself. Someone on youtube told me that there is this pen they used that worked for them. They said it's cheaper than the Wart & Mole Vanish and also not as painful! Seems like the perfect new experiment for me for my next ones! 

Thank you all for following my journey. I started creating the youtube videos over 5 years ago because there was nothing about encouragement of treating syringomas by yourself at home. I felt hopeless. I didn't want others to feel that way too so I shared my experience; all the ugliness, raw pain, my perseverance and then the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, a couple years later, I decided to create this website so that I can document my more recent journey with photos. However, check out videos of other people on youtube who are treating their syringomas too because there's a lot more now than 5 years ago! I'm so happy to see that many other people in this world are doing syringoma treatments themselves and sharing their videos. We've come a long way! Knowledge is power!

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