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Using TCA for the whole face 40 percent

Posted by My Syringoma Story on Sunday, January 19, 2020 Under: TCA
Last night, I applied a layer of TCA 40 on my face. I worked up the courage because it is winter and it's been cloudy which makes it perfect for using this treatment as it takes weeks to heal and you have to avoid the sun! I learned from research that if you are going outside, you must wear a wide-brim hat, sunscreen and use only mild cleanser and anti-biotic when it starts peeling, and moisturizer with NO acidic properties while and after using TCA.

As you may already know, TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and the medical realm advises that you don't go over 50% TCA proof because you can totally ruin your skin. This is acid for God's sake! Why do we do this to ourselves!? Well, I went with 40% TCA which I think is much stronger than what I've seen people use. Most use 25% TCA and would put on 2 or 3 layers (never apply more than 3 layers in one session). I used 40% proof and only 1 layer.

Well, I have syringoma problems so I have these bumps around my eyes that most people do not have. I think the TCA will help with minimizing the depth of my scars on my face and also help smooth my face better. I have used TCA as spot treatment before to try to remove a couple of syringomas last year. Last night was the first time I applied it to my entire face. I also have a whole bunch of moles and sun spots which I think TCA will also help me with because TCA is a chemical peel and helps shed the outer layer of your skin. Here's my progress from this TCA 40 treatment thus far. 

Yesterday (1/18/2020)
Before application of TCA 40
I washed my face with mild soap and then applied alcohol wipes all over my face. I used 2 alcohol wipes from my box of alcohol wipes that I had at home. Then, I put on my latex gloves and used a gauze and dipped it my TCA 40% bowl. I poured about half of the solution from the bottle into a small glass bowl and saved the other half for the next time like 3 months or more later. I squeezed out the excess because I only want to dampen the gauze with it, not saturate it and get it all over my eyes and ruin my eyesight! I'm going to stress this. BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL! You know your skin the best so if you think this chemical peel will cause scarring on your face or ruin it, do not use! Because I already used TCA as a spot treatment for a couple syringoma spots, I knew I could handle this. Then, I put the gauze that has been dampen with TCA 40 on my left cheek first because that is where I have the most problems, then the other cheek, chin, nose and lastly, forehead. I've seen many do the forehead first but I also feel like if I do it on my cheek, it'll help make sure I don't get any in my eyes if I've put too much TCA 40 on the gauze and it drips down! Oh my Lord, the horror of that! 

After TCA 40 Application
After I've applied my 1 layer of TCA 40, I put my timer for 3 minutes. I read from professional resources online to leave it on between 3 - 5 minutes only! I didn't know how my face was going to handle it so I played safe. Well, after 3 minutes, I didn't see any white frosting as it said I would see to show that it works and it wasn't painful to me at all. Maybe I have thick skin or something? So I did it for the full 5 minutes. If you are using a TCA 25 (milder), many resources suggest doing 2 or 3 layers which means after you wait 3-5 minutes, then you apply the TCA with the gauze again in between without splashing any water or spraying neutralizer to get a deeper penetration. Well, even though I didn't feel the burn like other people I've seen had, I am going to remain cautious and stick to this 1 layer only because this is TCA 40 (stronger) that I'm using and my very first time applying it to my entire face.

So immediately after my 5 minute time was up, I splashed water on my face to stop it from progressing further. Still no pain but I can feel my face tightening and it had a shiny look. I actually like the look of it. There was still no frost which doesn't entirely mean it's not going to make my face look better after a couple of weeks. I didn't put any moisturizer, soap or cream after the treatment and just let nature do it's course. I think if you have a burning face from this, then it's time to but some anti-biotic ointment (Neosporin is a famous brand) after you've washed your face. I also have a tingly sensation on my tongue for hours after applying the TCA 40 on my face. This shows that this could be really toxic to you if you overdo it. It's like I can taste the acid, even though it was only applied to my face. And anyone would probably die if they drank this. DO NOT TASTE, do not taste, DO NOT Taste! If you're a visual person and it helps to see the steps I took to apply the TCA 40, see my quick youtube video below.

Morning after TCA 40 Application

This morning, when I looked at my face in the mirror, I really like the look already. What I'm thinking will happen to my face is it may start peeling in a couple of days. If not, maybe it has already burned the outer layer during my treatment. My face already looks clearer. Strange or maybe it's the lighting. What I'm expecting to also happen is my face will shed like a snake and skin will start changing color over the next 3-4 days. We'll see. Until then, I will stay away from the sun, wear a hat when I am out with sunscreen. No harsh creams with acidic oils, etc. until maybe 2 or 3 weeks later and use mild cleanser in the interim. That's my plan. I'll let you know what happens.

2021 UPDATE:
If you're wondering where you can find TCA, I've found mine online on Amazon in 2020 but I've noticed in 2021, Amazon no longer allows TCA to be sold or something because I can't find any of it anywhere when I do my search now! Something must have happened. This is strong stuff. Please be careful!

Latex gloves - I actually had these blue ones lying around in the house so didn't have to buy them for this treatment but you can get a box of latex online in bulk for cheaper.

Read my previous treatments on removing syringomas on my face from my past blogs. You'll be able to scroll down and see them all.

Note: With the Coronavirus pandemic, many of the medical supplies that are applicable for skincare are running low, such as latex gloves and other chemicals used for medicine. You may have a harder time finding certain things online at the moment.

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