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Using TCA to try to get rid of 2 bumpy syringoma - 1st Day

Posted by My Syringoma Story on Thursday, March 28, 2019 Under: TCA
I did it. I've just experimented with TCA for the first time tonight to see if I can get rid of my syringomas. The reason why I am giving TCA a try because it is much cheaper than Wart & Mole Vanish. I've been using Wart & Mole Vanish for a few years now and they've been the most successful product to use for getting rid of my syringomas but they are expensive. 

These are the materials I used tonight for my TCA, short for Trichloroacetic Acid, treatment. 

1. Gloves for protection of my hands (I used my dishwashing gloves)
2. Alcohol Prep pad
3. Petroleum Jelly
4. TCA 40 (Warning: Never use more than 50% to treat syringomas or for your face at all)
5. Chemical Peel Neutralizer 
6. Q-tip (not pictured) for application of the TCA 

(I used links above to Amazon because you can basically get these there without having to hunt them down at stores. And seriously, good luck finding TCA at a nearby supermarket. I bought my TCA 40% bottle from Amazon for less than $15 last month. Buy this at your own risk! These are serious chemicals)

My face burns a bit right now and it hasn't been that long since I've applied the TCA 40% to 2 syringomas to my face. 

I am just starting with 2 first to see if it works. I think the burning is from me putting alcohol on my face. 

The first thing I did was use the alcohol prep pad to wipe across the main areas where my 2 syringomas are. I wiped straight across my face so it's definitely in a range bigger than my syringomas. Then, I put petroleum jelly around the areas outside my syringomas that I am treating so that the acid doesn't spread beyond by accident. When I was ready to apply, I set my timer to 3 minutes because I do not want to leave the TCA 40% more than that, as recommended from a website I found. I put my pink gloves on, open the TCA 40% lid carefully and inserted my Q-tip in there. Then, I applied the TCA 40% to two of my syringomas. Now, once I have applied it to my face, I did not re-dip that same Q-tip in there. I don't want anything to contaminate this bottle. Then, I hit the start button on my timer and lied down for 3 minutes. When it was getting close to my time, I got up and sprayed the chemical peel neutralizer on my face while closing my eyes. Then I gently used water to wipe the 2 syringomas. They are a bit frosted white right now, which is what they said it would look like. In about a couple of days, they should look like a dark sun burn or something. 

Let's hope it works. For the next few days, I should not use anything other than cleanser and water for my face while this all heals. I'm also supposed to use neosporin too to avoid or minimize chances of scarring. We'll see what happens tomorrow! 

Warning: I am not a medical professional so everything I write here is from my research online and do not take my advice before consulting with someone more credible. This stuff can leave scars if your face is prone to scarring and if not applying properly! I am just a person with syringoma who is looking for the best solution for myself. Hope this helps you too.

Follow-up Update: The TCA 40 did make my syringoma spots look flatter but it didn't completely remove the root so more than likely, it'll grow bigger in those spots again. See the blog entry where I apply TCA 40 to my entire face.

Note: With the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, some chemicals and medical supplies may be harder to find online, including alcohol prep pads and latex gloves. Stay safe everyone!

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