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More moles on my face after my second pregnancy

September 13, 2020
As if I don't have enough skin problems, after I got pregnant with my second baby, more dark moles started growing on my face. It didn't really bother me that much at the beginning but after a few years, they have grown darker.

I have probably about a dozen noticeable moles on my face now compared to maybe a handful before. I feel like even if my skin is clear otherwise, these moles are distracting. They don't look cancerous or anything but if I can get my face to be more even toned and clear in a healthy manner, I think I'm going to strive for that.

I'm going to give my skin two weeks a break from exfoliates and toners and minimal cleanser and then do a TCA treatment on my entire face. I tried it earlier this year and really liked the glow I achieved a week later. I think I'm going to see if it will help make my moles look lighter if I regularly do this twice a year. Wish me luck! See the results of the TCA 40 treatment I did on myself at the beginning of 2020.

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Finally Applied the Kasoy Cream on my Face

September 7, 2020
I finally applied the Kasoy Cream on my face a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't looked like it worked well for my face. I think maybe two removed among the 15 - 20 that I applied the cream on. 

I think just like the Wart & Mole Vanish, there is a bit of a learning curve to make sure I used it right. I may have poured more cashew oil in my mix than I needed which may have diluted the actual cream.

This Kasoy Cream that I ordered from Etsy is significantly cheaper than the Wart & Mole Vanish so that is why I decided to try it than the regular normal stuff I've used before. The packaging of the Kasoy Cream is interesting and it does look like the lady who sells it is like a one off dealer. However, the product didn't ruin my skin or anything so if you're worried about stuff like that and want to give it a try, maybe you'll have more success than me. And like always, use at your own risk. How it may affect your skin may depend on your face and genes. If you are allergic to tree nuts, I think you should stay clear from this product because cashew oil is made from cashews, a tree nut.

See my cream application video below to see how the tubes look like. 

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Kasoy Cream for Syringoma Treatment

May 8, 2020
I just got my Kasoy Cream in the mail and this is how the contents look like inside in the unboxing video below. I've never used this Kasoy Cream before and I think the packaging is definitely not from a factory. It almost looks homemade which I am really nervous about! I found this product on Etsy for $25. With shipping, it came out to $27 something. Rowinda is the seller's name that you would look for if you're searching for it on Etsy. She seems reputable from the reviews.

Since it is significantly cheaper than my usual Wart & Mole Vanish that I've used for years for my syringoma, I am going to give this a try with caution. It came with 2 tubes: one is the syringoma cream and the other one is an oil which it says you only need it if your cream is too dry and you mix a bit in it to make it into a cream. I'm a bit confused about it but after reading their instructions paper like 5 times, I think I understand now. (See video below for all the contents.)

I was going to wait after Mother's Day to treat it because I still want to look decent for my kids and pictures on Mother's Day. I know my face will most likely scab and look ugly for 2 weeks as it's healing. Then, I started online school in June and I realized I have to leave my video cam on the whole time so the instructor and students have to look at my face live so I am going to wait a while longer.  

Look out for my treatment video after this summer so you can see how much pain I'll be in for this. Oh syringomas, I curse you!

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TCA 40 Update

February 4, 2020
In my previous post, I had applied 1 layer of TCA 40 all over my face. I started peeling about 2 days after and then continued to peel for another 5 days. It was a mild peel and it was probably because I used very little of the TCA 40 on my gauze before I applied it. I am still happy with the results. It didn't remove any of my syringomas and that wasn't my intention but it made my face have a more even tone. It's still by no means, even but it is more even and that to me shows this product does work if I am looking to make my face just look overall better. As you can tell, I have a large forehead so my forehead is always darker than the rest of my face. During the summer months, it is more obvious. I've started wearing a cap when I am outside for this reason. For the sake of video editing time, I did a video result/recap of my TCA 40 application using Tik Tok. See below:

Remember, TCA is an acid and to never use more than 50% proof (especially if you're doing it yourself and not a professional). I used 40% proof and that was borderline dangerous for using TCA for the first time for my whole face. I think I've seen more people use between 10% - 25%. Always wear gloves and after-care is just as important. Stay away from the sun, wear a large hat to cover the face if you are going outside, wear sunscreen and do not peel your face or use heavy soaps, etc. Use at your own risk. If you scar easily, do not use it. If you have sensitive skin, do not use it.

And again, I'm not a professional and just a do-it-yourself type of girl to solve my own skin problems.

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Using TCA for the whole face 40 percent

January 19, 2020
Last night, I applied a layer of TCA 40 on my face. I worked up the courage because it is winter and it's been cloudy which makes it perfect for using this treatment as it takes weeks to heal and you have to avoid the sun! I learned from research that if you are going outside, you must wear a wide-brim hat, sunscreen and use only mild cleanser and anti-biotic when it starts peeling, and moisturizer with NO acidic properties while and after using TCA.

As you may already know, TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and the medical realm advises that you don't go over 50% TCA proof because you can totally ruin your skin. This is acid for God's sake! Why do we do this to ourselves!? Well, I went with 40% TCA which I think is much stronger than what I've seen people use. Most use 25% TCA and would put on 2 or 3 layers (never apply more than 3 layers in one session). I used 40% proof and only 1 layer.

Well, I have syringoma problems so I have these bumps around my eyes that most people do not have. I think the TCA will help with minimizing the depth of my scars on my face and also help smooth my face better. I have used TCA as spot treatment before to try to remove a couple of syringomas last year. Last night was the first time I applied it to my entire face. I also have a whole bunch of moles and sun spots which I think TCA will also help me with because TCA is a chemical peel and helps shed the outer layer of your skin. Here's my progress from this TCA 40 treatment thus far. 

Yesterday (1/18/2020)
Before application of TCA 40
I washed my face with mild soap and then applied alcohol wipes all over my face. I used 2 alcohol wipes from my box of alcohol wipes that I had at home. Then, I put on my latex gloves and used a gauze and dipped it my TCA 40% bowl. I poured about half of the solution from the bottle into a small glass bowl and saved the other half for the next time like 3 months or more later. I squeezed out the excess because I only want to dampen the gauze with it, not saturate it and get it all over my eyes and ruin my eyesight! I'm going to stress this. BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL! You know your skin the best so if you think this chemical peel will cause scarring on your face or ruin it, do not use! Because I already used TCA as a spot treatment for a couple syringoma spots, I knew I could handle this. Then, I put the gauze that has been dampen with TCA 40 on my left cheek first because that is where I have the most problems, then the other cheek, chin, nose and lastly, forehead. I've seen many do the forehead first but I also feel like if I do it on my cheek, it'll help make sure I don't get any in my eyes if I've put too much TCA 40 on the gauze and it drips down! Oh my Lord, the horror of that! 

After TCA 40 Application
After I've applied my 1 layer of TCA 40, I put my timer for 3 minutes. I read from professional resources online to leave it on between 3 - 5 minutes only! I didn't know how my face was going to handle it so I played safe. Well, after 3 minutes, I didn't see any white frosting as it said I would see to show that it works and it wasn't painful to me at all. Maybe I have thick skin or something? So I did it for the full 5 minutes. If you are using a TCA 25 (milder), many resources suggest doing 2 or 3 layers which means after you wait 3-5 minutes, then you apply the TCA with the gauze again in between without splashing any water or spraying neutralizer to get a deeper penetration. Well, even though I didn't feel the burn like other people I've seen had, I am going to remain cautious and stick to this 1 layer only because this is TCA 40 (stronger) that I'm using and my very first time applying it to my entire face.

So immediately after my 5 minute time was up, I splashed water on my face to stop it from progressing further. Still no pain but I can feel my face tightening and it had a shiny look. I actually like the look of it. There was still no frost which doesn't entirely mean it's not going to make my face look better after a couple of weeks. I didn't put any moisturizer, soap or cream after the treatment and just let nature do it's course. I think if you have a burning face from this, then it's time to but some anti-biotic ointment (Neosporin is a famous brand) after you've washed your face. I also have a tingly sensation on my tongue for hours after applying the TCA 40 on my face. This shows that this could be really toxic to you if you overdo it. It's like I can taste the acid, even though it was only applied to my face. And anyone would probably die if they drank this. DO NOT TASTE, do not taste, DO NOT Taste! If you're a visual person and it helps to see the steps I took to apply the TCA 40, see my quick youtube video below.

Morning after TCA 40 Application

This morning, when I looked at my face in the mirror, I really like the look already. What I'm thinking will happen to my face is it may start peeling in a couple of days. If not, maybe it has already burned the outer layer during my treatment. My face already looks clearer. Strange or maybe it's the lighting. What I'm expecting to also happen is my face will shed like a snake and skin will start changing color over the next 3-4 days. We'll see. Until then, I will stay away from the sun, wear a hat when I am out with sunscreen. No harsh creams with acidic oils, etc. until maybe 2 or 3 weeks later and use mild cleanser in the interim. That's my plan. I'll let you know what happens.

2021 UPDATE:
If you're wondering where you can find TCA, I've found mine online on Amazon in 2020 but I've noticed in 2021, Amazon no longer allows TCA to be sold or something because I can't find any of it anywhere when I do my search now! Something must have happened. This is strong stuff. Please be careful!

Latex gloves - I actually had these blue ones lying around in the house so didn't have to buy them for this treatment but you can get a box of latex online in bulk for cheaper.

Read my previous treatments on removing syringomas on my face from my past blogs. You'll be able to scroll down and see them all.

Note: With the Coronavirus pandemic, many of the medical supplies that are applicable for skincare are running low, such as latex gloves and other chemicals used for medicine. You may have a harder time finding certain things online at the moment.

One month update after Wart and Mole Vanish Application June 2019

June 12, 2019
I applied my recent treatment of Wart & Mole Vanish on May 9, 2019. Now, one month later, here are my results from the 3 syringomas that I treated. They are all flatter but not leveled perfectly like the rest of the skin and that's okay to me. A couple now has a reddish brown color to them but I know that will fade after a couple months from my past experience. Just keep putting vitamin E over it and be gentle around that area. I'm going to warn you again: if you tend to develop keloid scars or scar easily and not heal well, don't use this product. I've use this product many times before so I learned what has worked for me. Thank God, I don't get keloids easily. We count our blessings right? Even though He also gave me these syringomas for a reason.
(Picture I took today on June 12, 2019)

So as a reminder, while you're on the scabbing period, use aloe vera and after the scabs have fallen off on their own, use vitamin E oil to help with the healing process. Be patient. Wear sunscreen if it's sunny outside. I continue this regiment even months after the treatment. I even wear a baseball cap sometimes when I'm driving. There may be a crater but after a while, it levels out better (like months later sometimes) for me. You know your skin best. If you think your skin will not do well with this product or other syringoma treatment products, don't do it. Some people tend to develop keloid (raised scars) so that is not good to use this product if you do tend to get those. If you think you can still use this product, start with 1 small one first and see how that heals 3 months later before applying it on more. 

I have to say, I tend to forget posting my results but you know I keep using this product over and over again so it does work. It's just that new ones always pop up and that is what syringomas do. They will never go away or stop growing. We just have to put the solution in our hands and handle them, or have a professional do it if you can afford it. I can't afford the luxury of going to a professional to get treatments or facials done so I've just had to learn to do it myself. Someone on youtube told me that there is this pen they used that worked for them. They said it's cheaper than the Wart & Mole Vanish and also not as painful! Seems like the perfect new experiment for me for my next ones! 

Thank you all for following my journey. I started creating the youtube videos over 5 years ago because there was nothing about encouragement of treating syringomas by yourself at home. I felt hopeless. I didn't want others to feel that way too so I shared my experience; all the ugliness, raw pain, my perseverance and then the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, a couple years later, I decided to create this website so that I can document my more recent journey with photos. However, check out videos of other people on youtube who are treating their syringomas too because there's a lot more now than 5 years ago! I'm so happy to see that many other people in this world are doing syringoma treatments themselves and sharing their videos. We've come a long way! Knowledge is power!

To upkeep this website and keep my writing up, I've partnered with Amazon for linking to products. Sometimes you may find a better deal outside of Amazon so do compare the prices first before you buy online. 

More about: Wart Mole VANISH Skin Tag Remover 20 minute application Natural Fomula by Pristine.

To see all the other products I've tried to use for my syringomas, go to

Syringoma Removal Results

May 20, 2019
After 10 days, my scabs finally came off on their own. I'm very happy with my results right now. There are craters right now but from my experience, in about a few weeks, they will heal and fill up like normal. My syringomas in the places that I've treated are gone. I know I have some syringomas on my eyelids right now that I should think about removing soon.

I'm applying vitamin E oil every day until I feel like they've completely healed so that's why it looks shiny.

Product that I used for this syringomas treatment on myself is the Wart & Mole Vanish. You can get it on AmazonWart Mole VANISH Skin Tag Remover 20 minute application Natural Fomula by Pristine or on eBay for the same product.

Wart and Mole Vanish treatment May 2019

May 9, 2019
Today, I opened an unopened box of Wart & Mole Vanish to try to remove 3 syringomas that have been bothering me for awhile. Before I get into it, I wanted to give you a quick update on my first TCA treatment I did recently.

TCA Review
My first TCA experimentation slightly flattened the syringomas but they didn't remove them in one treatment like Wart & Mole Vanish typically does. What I am thinking is with TCA, you'll have to do it over and over again every couple of weeks to get to the root of the problem. After about a few days, the areas that I put the TCA on started to really itch too which was a bit annoying. Until I have the time to do something like this every couple of weeks, I'm going to use something that gives me a faster solution. Yes, I do look uglier with the Wart & Mole Vanish for a couple of weeks but it's so much worth it for me at the end. Plus, I have a family wedding to go to at the end of this month so I needed a fast solution. Read more about my TCA application for the first time.

Today's Wart & Mole Vanish Treatment
I washed my face with a mild cleanser that I typically use for myself at home every day and then applied that antibacterial clear solution that came with the Wart & Mole Vanish box. Then, I immediately used the toothpick to scratch and the emery board to roughen the 3 syringomas up a bit. After that, I applied the Wart & Mole Vanish cream with the gray (smaller) applicator. The toothpick, emery board and gray applicator all come in the box, which always makes this so much easier. Then, I lied down and let the cream do its work. I watched the clock until my full 20 minutes is up. The only times I would get up were to take a picture of my progress and then lie down again. Here are the 4 pictures. 

Picture below is after 3 minutes of application. No swelling yet but I started feeling a little burn.

Picture below is after 7 minutes of application. The areas that I put the cream on started to swell and this is when I started feeling intense burn.

Picture below is 15 minutes after application. The swelling grew even bigger and I always think about removing the cream at this point but I learned from my past experience to stick it out for the full 20 minutes to get the maximized results. Don't give up. 

Picture below is after 20 minutes of application. Pain subsided a bit and I removed the cream with the Q-tips provided in the Mole & Wart Vanish kit after dipping the tip with water. As you can see, my scabs already formed! This is good. Do not remove the scabs prematurely. Always let it fall on its own, which usually is between 7 - 14 days for me when they start doing that. 
(I immediately applied aloe vera after I removed the cream to the those areas.)

Now let's pray that after 2 weeks, my results are good! Read my biggest tips on applying this crazy Wart & Mole Vanish for your syringomas.


Using TCA to try to get rid of 2 bumpy syringoma - 1st Day

March 28, 2019
I did it. I've just experimented with TCA for the first time tonight to see if I can get rid of my syringomas. The reason why I am giving TCA a try because it is much cheaper than Wart & Mole Vanish. I've been using Wart & Mole Vanish for a few years now and they've been the most successful product to use for getting rid of my syringomas but they are expensive. 

These are the materials I used tonight for my TCA, short for Trichloroacetic Acid, treatment. 

1. Gloves for protection of my hands (I used my dishwashing gloves)
2. Alcohol Prep pad
3. Petroleum Jelly
4. TCA 40 (Warning: Never use more than 50% to treat syringomas or for your face at all)
5. Chemical Peel Neutralizer 
6. Q-tip (not pictured) for application of the TCA 

(I used links above to Amazon because you can basically get these there without having to hunt them down at stores. And seriously, good luck finding TCA at a nearby supermarket. I bought my TCA 40% bottle from Amazon for less than $15 last month. Buy this at your own risk! These are serious chemicals)

My face burns a bit right now and it hasn't been that long since I've applied the TCA 40% to 2 syringomas to my face. 

I am just starting with 2 first to see if it works. I think the burning is from me putting alcohol on my face. 

The first thing I did was use the alcohol prep pad to wipe across the main areas where my 2 syringomas are. I wiped straight across my face so it's definitely in a range bigger than my syringomas. Then, I put petroleum jelly around the areas outside my syringomas that I am treating so that the acid doesn't spread beyond by accident. When I was ready to apply, I set my timer to 3 minutes because I do not want to leave the TCA 40% more than that, as recommended from a website I found. I put my pink gloves on, open the TCA 40% lid carefully and inserted my Q-tip in there. Then, I applied the TCA 40% to two of my syringomas. Now, once I have applied it to my face, I did not re-dip that same Q-tip in there. I don't want anything to contaminate this bottle. Then, I hit the start button on my timer and lied down for 3 minutes. When it was getting close to my time, I got up and sprayed the chemical peel neutralizer on my face while closing my eyes. Then I gently used water to wipe the 2 syringomas. They are a bit frosted white right now, which is what they said it would look like. In about a couple of days, they should look like a dark sun burn or something. 

Let's hope it works. For the next few days, I should not use anything other than cleanser and water for my face while this all heals. I'm also supposed to use neosporin too to avoid or minimize chances of scarring. We'll see what happens tomorrow! 

Warning: I am not a medical professional so everything I write here is from my research online and do not take my advice before consulting with someone more credible. This stuff can leave scars if your face is prone to scarring and if not applying properly! I am just a person with syringoma who is looking for the best solution for myself. Hope this helps you too.

Follow-up Update: The TCA 40 did make my syringoma spots look flatter but it didn't completely remove the root so more than likely, it'll grow bigger in those spots again. See the blog entry where I apply TCA 40 to my entire face.

Note: With the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, some chemicals and medical supplies may be harder to find online, including alcohol prep pads and latex gloves. Stay safe everyone!

Expired Wart and Mole Vanish

March 12, 2019
I got all my prep supplies to use for an upcoming first DIY TCA treatment but I haven't done it yet because I'm chicken! Today, I decided to use my leftover Wart & Mole Vanish supply even though the expiration date has passed awhile ago. Well, because it expired, it didn't work. My 5 syringomas I was targeting are still there. You know, some products are still good beyond their expiration dates (like sometimes milk!) but not in this case. If you have the Wart & Mole Vanish box lying around, use it. Don't hoard it.

Read more reviews from other people about the Mole & Wart Vanish on eBay.

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